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We've updated our Patient Portal to provide better service to you.

Our systems were updated March 27, 2017. If you accessed the portal before that date you will need to call us for an activation code and select the First Time Patient Portal Access option in order to access your account.

3 Tips For A Successful Portal Access:
  1. Do you have your Patient Portal Access Key? This would have been given to you by a staff member over the phone or at the front desk after an appointment. If you don't, or you misplaced it, please call 972-272-5591 to request it.

  2. When you log in for the first time, do not enter a username or password, only select First Time Patient Portal Access (below the username and password fields) and click continue. You will setup your username and password on the following page.

  3. Most importantly - SAVE. Please make sure you scroll to the bottom and click save on every page. Information will not be saved if you switch between pages without selecting save.
Thank you for accessing the Garland Eye Associates Patient Portal, if you have your key code please click the button below.

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